Learning About Horses is the way we express our love for them.  We learn from them and we teach them, for every experience we have with a horse is a training session....so make it your goal to know what's good, what's better, what is best!

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     Seeing "how it's done" is often a big help in learning how to do it.  Our online courses feature how-to videos and demonstration pictures.

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Learning About Horses
The Forward Seat
By Don Blazer
           If you ride jumpers and you want to be good, don’t jump to any conclusions.
             Frederico Caprilli (1868-1907) had a few things to say about jumpers and saddles and position.
             Caprilli said to understand a jumping horse, watch a riderless horse jumping. (That’s clever, and something a lot of riding instructors should do, but apparently don’t.)
             That sly Italian said, “The principal lesson to be learned is that the rider should be at pains to allow the horse to jump with his natural movement.”  Sounds exactly like the fourth secret of perfect horsemanship: give, let go, free the horse; in order to be victorious in horsemanship, the rider must surrender.
             Having watched a lot of riderless horses jump......  

Omega Fatty Acids
          What does the last letter in the Greek alphabet have to do with horse nutrition? 

           "Omega" is associated with many things that are the end of a series.  This is true for the names of the fatty acids 3, 6 and 9. The numbers represent the location of their first double bond (a section linking two atoms) from the end (omega) of their molecular makeup.

           Omega fatty acids play a vital part in supporting a healthy horse.

           Omega-3 helps form healthy cell walls within the body and is important to brain function, circulation and oxygen utilization.   Broodmares need an adequate amount of omega-3, as it supports fetal development and milk production. Stallions produce healthier sperm when receiving an adequate amount of the fatty acid.  Research also shows omega-3 can provide relief from inflammation.

           Omega-6 is important to healthy skin, bone health, hair growth and metabolism.  Proper levels may also provide relief from inflammation, but too much omega-6 will cause the opposite effect...promoting inflammation.

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Can you train your horse to be champion by taking an online course?
…..you bet you can!

  She started as a 2-year-old "demonstration" horse for www.horsecoursesonline.com and finished with two ABRA World Championship awards and a Reserve World Championship title.

      Sheza Especial Gold got her training as a demonstration horse for Don Blazer's online course,
Training Performance Horses.  Step by step she followed the course program until she competed for 2010 and 2011 World Championship titles at the American Buckskin Registry Association show in Tulsa, Ok.  Blazer rode the 5-year-old filly in her competition classes.

      In 2010 Sheza won the ABRA Junior Trail Horse title under all five judges, and then came back in 2011 to repeat as a judge's choice sweep in Junior Trail.

      The filly also won Reserve World Champion honors in All-Ages Western Riding, a pattern class requiring 8 flying changes of lead.  She was the only junior horse in the class.

      Sheza was sold at the Reichert Celebration Show Horse Sale in Fort Worth September 9 and 10.

      "We'll miss Sheza in our program," Blazer said.  "Hopefully she'll go on to win many more titles for other horse lovers.   I think she'll make an exceptional all-around horse for an amateur or youth rider."

     Sheza's trail horse training followed the course instructions in Train A Trail Horse, taught by world champion trainer and AQHA director Cathy Hanson.   The filly's education in western riding came from following the instructions in
Train for Western Riding taught by world champion trainer Nancy Cahill.
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