Learning About Horses is the way we express our love for them.  We learn from them and we teach them, for every experience we have with a horse is a training session....so make it your goal to know what's good, what's better, what is best!

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     Seeing "how it's done" is often a big help in learning how to do it.  Our online courses feature how-to videos and demonstration pictures.

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Learning About Horses
Summer Heat
By Don Blazer
            It was spring. Now it’s summer. And it’s hot.
             It’s time for salt.  It’s time for caution. It’s time to know the signs of fatigue, dehydration, exhaustion, heat stress and anhidrosis.  All should alarm the astute horseman who knows how quickly these avoidable dangers can become killers.
         When a horse is not in condition, it doesn’t take much hot weather exercise to produce fatigue.
             The warning signs of fatigue are slow heart rate recovery, elevated heart rate for more than an hour, high respiratory rate – often shallow and inefficient.  Take the horse’s temperature about every 30 minutes.  If it is not dropping toward normal – 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit – you’ve got problems.
            Dehydration can be seen in .....

Hrose Hay For Sale
            "For sale - Grass hay for horses. 50 pound bales. $5.00 a bale.  Delivery available."

             Ads similar to this will be appearing across the country as the weather allows farmers to start making hay.  But the advertisement leaves several unanswered questions.

             What is grass hay? 

             The most popular plant families used to make hay are grasses and legumes.  Grass plants are monocotyledonous, which means one leaf sprouts from the seed.  Leaves of grass are long and slender.  Legumes are dicotyledons, which means two leaves sprout from the seed. The leaves are generally three leaflets attached to a petiole (stem).   Legumes develop nodules on the roots which interact with bacteria and produces nitrogen needed for growth.    Legumes produce "pods", which contain seeds.

             Nutritionally, grass hay will be lower in protein and calcium than hay that is made with legumes.  Legume hay (generally alfalfa, clover, trefoil) will also have a higher energy content.

             Within the grass family are many varieties, which are broken into two groups: cool-season and warm-season.    

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Can you train your horse to be champion by taking an online course?
…..you bet you can!

  She started as a 2-year-old "demonstration" horse for www.horsecoursesonline.com and finished with two ABRA World Championship awards and a Reserve World Championship title.

      Sheza Especial Gold got her training as a demonstration horse for Don Blazer's online course,
Training Performance Horses.  Step by step she followed the course program until she competed for 2010 and 2011 World Championship titles at the American Buckskin Registry Association show in Tulsa, Ok.  Blazer rode the 5-year-old filly in her competition classes.

      In 2010 Sheza won the ABRA Junior Trail Horse title under all five judges, and then came back in 2011 to repeat as a judge's choice sweep in Junior Trail.

      The filly also won Reserve World Champion honors in All-Ages Western Riding, a pattern class requiring 8 flying changes of lead.  She was the only junior horse in the class.

      Sheza was sold at the Reichert Celebration Show Horse Sale in Fort Worth September 9 and 10.

      "We'll miss Sheza in our program," Blazer said.  "Hopefully she'll go on to win many more titles for other horse lovers.   I think she'll make an exceptional all-around horse for an amateur or youth rider."

     Sheza's trail horse training followed the course instructions in Train A Trail Horse, taught by world champion trainer and AQHA director Cathy Hanson.   The filly's education in western riding came from following the instructions in
Train for Western Riding taught by world champion trainer Nancy Cahill.
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