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This book is great for the new horse owner, those thinking about getting a horse and long-time horse owners who simply want more information about their friends. 


                                I. Safety around horses

                               II. Housing
                                     A.  Boarding
                                     B.  Stable at home
                                           1. Zoning
                                           2. Land
                                           3. Fences
                                           4. Shelters
                                           5. Manure Management
                                           6. Hay Storage
                                           7. Water
                                           8. Human Support Group
                                           9. Ability to Ride
                                         10. Equine Companionship
                                III. Equipment Needed
                                      A. Tack
                                            1. Know the parts
                                      B. Grooming supplies
                                      C. Tools for stable maintenance
                                      D. Emergency first aid
                                IV. Horse Basics
                                       A. Popular breeds
                                       B. Height, weight, age
                                       C. Popular colors and markings
                                       D. Parts of the horse
                                       E. Behavior

                                  V. Finding the Perfect Horse
                                        A. Your goals
                                        B. Find the horse to meet those goals
                                              1. age
                                              2. gender
                                              3. height
                                              4. price
                                              5. color
                                              6. health
                                              7. temperament
                                              8. training
                                        C. Where to find the horse

                                 VI. Basic Horse Nutrition
                                        A. The equine digestive system
                                        B. Forage
                                              1. pasture
                                              2. hay
                                        C. Water
                                        D. Salt
                                        E. Grain
                                        F. How to provide the feed

                                VII. Health Care
                                         A. The Normal Horse
                                         B. Vaccinations
                                         C. Deworming
                                         D. Hoof Care
                                         E. Dental Care
                                         F. Common Illnesses
                                         G. The Senior Horse

                                VIII. Basic Horse Handling
                                         A. How to catch one
                                         B. Haltering and tying
                                         C. Grooming
                                         D. Lunging  

                                 IX. Get Ready to Ride
                                          A.  Know the gaits.
                                                 1. Walk
                                                 2.  Trot/Jog
                                                 3.  Canter
                                                 4.  Gaited horses
                                          B. Putting on the tack
                                                 1.  Bridling
                                                 2.  Saddling

                                    X. Riding
                                           A.  Mounting/Dismounting
                                           B.  Cues

                                   XI. Continuing Education
                                           A. Online courses
                                           B. Clinics and seminars
                                           C. Private lessons

Learning About Horses
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      Eleanor Blazer is a fourth generation horsewomen who has trained and traded horses most of her life.
      An active horse show competitor, Eleanor is an Equine Nutrition Specialist and the author of
The Way of Horses, a syndicated monthly equine nutrition column read by thousands of fans around the world. 
      Dedicated to the education of horses and horse lovers, Eleanor also teaches the online courses
Nutrition for Maximum Performance and Stable Management.