First Aid for Your Horse
With Eleanor Richards

       Whether you're a trainer, riding instructor, stable owner or just a recreational rider, sooner or later you're going to be faced with deciding how best to help an injured horse.
       Do you know what to do?

        There's emergency first aid, and there's first aid, and knowing which is which is important to any horseman.  Sometimes it's a matter of life or death.

         To help your horse, you need to know the rules of emergency first aid and first aid.  Can you save a horse that has been bitten by a snake, sooth an eye injury, or correctly assist in the birth of a foal?  Instructor Eleanor Richards will help you prepare for the worst, so the results will be the best.

         Establish your horse's vital statistics baseline, stock your first aid kit, and know what to do and how to do it….it's all here in First Aid for Your Horse.

         And all the time you are learning with Eleanor, you can view and re-view the 45-minute video, First Aid for Horses.  Dr. Rhonda Rathgeber and Dr. Fairfield Bain will tell you what is normal with your horse and what can be cause for concern.  They discuss head injuries, upper and lower respiratory problems, heat stress, shock and other conditions in this 45 minute video produced by The Blood-Horse, Inc.

        The course, one-on-one help from Eleanor and the video are yours for $89.95.

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