Stable Management

          This course is designed to provide the student with the skills needed to properly care for horses in a training, boarding or breeding facility.

           Starting with the basics of proper housing necessary for a horse’s health, the student will learn to observe all the conditions which affect the horse, from proper ventilation to facilities to equipment choice and maintenance.  Determining the horse’s vital signs begins the daily routine which includes clipping techniques, mane and tail care, leg care with massage and wraps, sheath cleaning and mare care, proper use of blankets, sheets and turn our precautions.

          Students will learn the use of different restraints, how to give intermuscular injections and oral medications.  Alternative healing therapies will be examined.

                     I. Being Aware and Making Observations
                           A.Horse Housing
                           B.Water Supply

                           Handling, Turnouts and Equipment
                           B.Ropes and Snaps
                           C.Leading a Horse
                           D.Picking up Feet

                      II.Health of Horses in Your Care
                           A.Permanent Health Chart
                           B.Vital Signs
                           C.Gut Sounds

                      III. Restrains and Control
                            A.Tying a "Quick Release"
                            B.Leading Restraints
                            C.Planned Restraints
                            D.Chutes and Wash Racks
                            E.Twitches and Hobbles

                      IV. Coat Condition and Clipping
                           A.Good Clipper Care
                           B.Dos and Don'ts
                           C.Types of Clips
                           D.Things to Consider

                       V. Care of Manes and Tails
                           A.Shortening the Mane
                           B.Banding Manes
                           C.Braiding Manes
                           D.Braiding and Banging
                           E.Tail Wraps and Knots

                     VI. Bandages and Wraps
                          A.Shipping Wraps
                          B.Wound Bandages
                          C.Exercise Wraps
                          D.Other Protective Equipment
                          E.Standing Bandages
                          F.Sweats and Poultices

                    VII. Attention to Details
                          A.Checking for Injuries
                          B.The Medicine Chest
                          E.Alternative Therapies

                   VIII  Emergencies and First Aid
                           A. What is it?  An emergency or just in need of first aid?
                           B. Wounds
                                1. Profuse Bleeding
                                2. Needs Loving Care
                           C.  Can't Breathe
                                 1. Choke
                                 2. Poisons
                           D.  Fractures
                           E.  Colic
                           F.  Tying-up
                           G.  Sudden Lameness
                           H.  Eyes
                            I.  The Medicine Chest

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