Stallion Management

          Stallion Management is a 10-lesson course covering every aspect of handling and breeding a stallion.   This course will be of interest not only to stallion owners, but also to breeding shed personnel, trainers, farm managers and students of the horse.  Broodmare owners, as well, will gain an understanding of what should occur at the farm to which they send their mares.  

             Dr. Jim McCall, recognized as a leading authority and researcher in stallion reproduction and behavior, teaches the online course.  Dr. McCall has directed the management of more than 300 stallions during his 30 years as a college professor.

             COURSE OUTLINE:    

              I. Disciplining The Stallion

              2. Pasture Breeding

              3. Using the Stallion as a Teaser

             4. Teasing Systems

              5. Hand Breeding the Stallion

              6. Semen Collection Techniques

              7. Using the Artifical Vagina

              8. Collecting, Storing and Shipping Stallion Semen

              9. Fertility

             10. Stallion Facilities

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