Traditional Vaquero Hackamore Training

          Traditional Hackamore Training teaches the techniques of the Spanish Vaquero, an extraordinary horseman who demanded his horse be both elegant and graceful while also being able to work cattle in the roughest terrain.   This course takes the student from groundwork to riding and finally to the switch from the hackamore to the spade bit, the ultimate achievement for the "bridle horse."

                    Four lessons make up the core of this course that is accompanied by four 2-hour videos.  Students should expect to spend up to a year training the horse in order to reach satisfactory levels of performance.  Lesson 5 teaches the techniques for switching from the hackamore to the bridle…a special video is required.

                    I.  Traditional Hackamore Training
                        A.  A brief overview and history of the hackamore horse.
                        B.  Tying the mecate for groundwork and as reins.
                        C.  Groundwork preview, mounting and beginning rides.

                 II.  Groundwork
                      A.  Tying the mecate as a lead.
                      B.  Teaching the horse to turn left and right and to ground tie.
                      C.  Using the mecate as a lunge line; lunge line techniques.

              III.  Building the Hackamore Horse
                     A.  Mounting the horse.
                     B.  Riding turns and circles, gaits and the rollback.
                     C.  Nuisance obstacles; teaching the horse calmness.

              IV.  Riding the Hackamore Horse
                     A.  The inventory position.
                     B.  Riding at the second level and third level.
                     C.  The release is the most important element.

     You will be asked to produce a video showing you performing the exercises on your horse which have been described within the lessons and which you have mastered.  You cannot receive a final grade for this course until the video has been submitted and your training work approved.

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