If you want a successful career with horses, the opportunities are greater today than ever before…the horse industry is growing at a galloping pace….. employing more than 1.4 million persons in full-time positions and contributing $25.3 billion in goods and services with a total impact of $112.1 billion on the gross national product.

There are three steps to making your dreams come true….

First: decide what you want to do (train horses, work in the equine health care field, breed horses, work in the equine education field, teach equestrian skills, manage equine facilities, work within the “show” industry or provide “recreational” opportunities for the millions of people who want to enjoy horses on a casual basis.  What do you love doing most with horses?

Second: earn your “credentials” for success and financial freedom.  There are more than 200 colleges and universities in the US providing degrees and certificates….you can even earn your accredited Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies degree online or your Professional Horse Trainer Certification or become a Certified Professional Riding Instructor.   All three programs are completely online, convenient and affordable.

Third: take action…as soon as you start earning your credentials also start participating in activities associated with your career choice.  Now is the time to begin being recognized for your skills and knowledge.  Get good at what you do, then get better and finally become the best at your passion with horses.

Click here to see “career profiles” detailing educational requirements, tasks and responsibilities involved and average expected income.

          You can create your future with horses…you've just been given the three steps to insure a successful career….take your first step today!

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