The First Secret to Perfect Horsemanship
Don Blazer

          There are nine secrets to perfect horsemanship.

          The secrets are not new; in fact they are ancient history.

          Knowing the secrets focuses the mind on the connections between horse and rider.

          When the secrets are revealed, the superior horseman listens with an open mind.  Lesser horsemen close their minds and ignore the secrets because they are afraid to accept responsibility for themselves.

          When gimmicks, tricks, special equipment, and the latest fashionable phrases are offered, lesser horsemen are quick to embrace them.  Fast cures and “miracles” are dismissed with good humor by superior horsemen.

          The secrets must be accepted and applied.  The secrets can only be validated in practice. 

          The nine secrets in synergy with the six elements of training can solve any training or riding problem.  And you already possess all you need to enjoy the success of perfect horsemanship.

          The first secret is to know and understand your creative potential, which is an infinite intelligence, unlimited and inexhaustible.

          Your creative potential is within you as it is within all, and it can never be taken way.

          Allow your creative potential to direct your actions and nothing is impossible.   If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

          Your creative potential manifests whatever you desire even if you are unaware of your focus.

          Nothing is by chance, nothing is random; everything has a purpose and a function, a direction and a goal.  And it is your creative potential which brings about all things in your life.

          Creative potential does not make judgments.

          And unruly undisciplined young stud horse was sent to me for “re-schooling.”  No problem!  I was young and could ride anything with a mane and tail.  The horse was described as “broke to ride, but green”.  But upon seeing him blow and snort as he was unloaded from the trailer, I knew he was more than just green.  I made a judgment immediately; I knew he was going to buck and buck hard.

          I was correct.  He bucked very hard and he dumped me three times the first day.  He dumped me the second day and he nearly buried me the third day.

          My pain and suffering was the direct result of my creative power bringing about my mind’s focus.  My mind’s focus was being directed by my ego.

          Ego seeks two things: the approval of others and control of all things.   The ego is based in fear…the fear that you will be “looked down upon” or that you will not be able to “enforce your will”.  Ego makes you angry, defensive and critical because you are afraid you will not be accepted or praised.

          You need neither acceptance nor praise, because you belong.  You are no more important, nor any less important than anyone else or thing in this universe.  Accept that idea and you can eliminate ego!

          The pain I was feeling and the desire not to get “planted” again made me begin to think of ways I could “re-school” without trying to impress others or control the horse.  

          I did not need to do the “horse trainer” thing; I needed to do the “thinking” thing and allow my creative potential to bring about the desired result.

          It was simple…I began a new relationship with the horse.  I began as if the horse had never been touched; that he and I were equals.  I would teach and he would learn.   I began a gentling process to gain the horse’s trust, and then his acceptance of any and all my actions.  Within a matter of days, we were both different.  I did not seek to control the horse, but instead sought to partner with the horse.  I did not seek his approval, but instead took a leadership position of teaching by both confrontation for incorrect actions and praise for correct responses.

          A few days later I knew I could ride him, and I did.  It was not a matter of great training, or positive thinking.  It was matter of knowing.  It was a matter of creative potential at work.  It was a matter of eliminating ego.

          The first secret of perfect horsemanship is mastered when you accept the existence of your creative potential.   When you accept it, you also accept responsibility for yourself.

          With the acceptance of your creative potential you achieve all you conceive.  Acceptance of creative potential means you alone are responsible for yourself; yet you are never alone, but part of all that exists.

          You create all that is in your future, second by second, minute by minute, year by year.  How do you know what to create?   The answer is in the
second secret.

Don Blazer is the author of Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship, a book he wrote for his granddaughter who won an AQHA World Championship in Youth Trail (2008).

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