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The First Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Second Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Third Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Fourth Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Fifth Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Sixth Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Seventh Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Eighth Secret to Perfect Horsemanship

The Ninth Secret to Perfect Horsemanship


Can You Breed For Dispostion? 

Caring For Foals

     Colostrum - Make Sure You Have It!

Color Breeds - Where's the Color?

Fescue - Not For Broodmares!

Genetics Versus Care of the Foal

Mare Watch - The Last Three Months of Gestation

So You Think You Want to Own a Stallion.  Questions That Need to be Answered.

Weaning Foals


Horse Breeds

     Icelandic Horses/Ponies


   The Cycle of Horse Businesses

It's a Shame About Dressage


Cantering or Loping for Increased Flexibility

Repetitive-Use Injuries


Knock Kneed Foals


Banding Manes

Braiding Manes

Pulling or Shortening Manes


Bit Seats and Floating Teeth   

    Blister Beetles and Alfalfa

Botulism and Horses


The Coughing Horse

Diatomaceous Earth and Deworming Horses

The Dynamic Hoof

Enteroliths or Bezoar Intestinal Stones

Equine Dental Exam


Fat Horse - Is it Cushing's, Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance?

Fecal Egg Count - An Aid for the Successful Deworming of Horses

First Aid

Gut Sounds

Heart Rate - Detection, What's Normal and Sounds


Hot Weather Tips


The Medicine Chest

Poisonous Plants, Drought and Horses

Potomac Horse Fever

The Pulse - Detecting It


Ringworm, Rain Rot, Scratches and Hives

Sick Horse?

The Skin of the Horse

Stones Within the Horse


Unbalanced Hooves and Pain

Vital Signs

Wobbler Syndrome and the Large Foal


     A Brief History of the Driving Horse

American Horse Council and Horse Show Stats

Battleship, 1938 Grand National Winner

Big Isn't Better

Ears and Communicating

Famous Movie Horses

Floating Teeth - Who Should Do It?

Horse Fly Spray Ingredients

Focus on the Positive

Horse Talk - A Dictionary of Horse Related Terms

Horse Insurance

Horse Transport Law is Lost

Man O War - A Legend

Natural Hoof Trimming

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

Quit Complaining About the Cost of Owning a Horse

Rippling Muscles

The Perils of Rat Poison

Horse Trailer Floors

Trailer Safety
The Cost of Keeping a Horse    

Walter, the Indian Pony

Walter and the Zodiac

Winter Care

Zen and Horses


Abandoned Horses

Horse Buying Check List

How To Buy a Horse

Purchased Registered Horse Turns Out to Be Unregistered - Now What?

Tips For Leasing a Horse

Top Ten Horse Buying Mistakes


The First Secret to Perfect Horsemanship 

    Portuguese Bullfighting

Proper Saddle Placement and Girth Tightness



    Bandages - The Basic Four

Blankets - Does Your Horse Need One?

Bedding - What's Best?

Chewing or Cribbing?

Chlorinating or Disinfecting Water Tanks

Dung Beetles

Euthanasia - How do We Know When?   

    Evacuation Tips   

   Fertilizing Horse Pastures

Horse Manure

Leg Wraps and Bandages

Mucking Paddocks

Introducing New Horses to Each Other

Stall Confinement

Summer Heat and Horses

Winter Care - Observation


A Feed Question - How to Feed a Yearling and a 22-year old Gelding

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - BOSS

      Bugs in the Cecum or Large Intestine

The Cecum

      Cheap Horse Feed is not Cheap

Controlling Horse Behavior through Starvation

Complete Horse Feeds

Copper - Does Your Horse Need to be Supplemented?

Cow Feed Can Kill

Diluting Nutrients by Mixing Feeds

Dunking Hay - Walter - A Horse, of Course, explains why...

Energy, Glycemic Index and Horses

Feeding the Starved or Rescued Horse

Grass Hay For Sale

Grass Hay Types for Horses

      The Importance of Forage

      Fescue and Horses

Forage Substitutes and the Expense of Feeding Forage

      Garlic - Is it Good For Horses?

Grass or Lawn Clippings - Can you feed them?

      Healthy Hooves and Nutrition   

Horse Feed Choices

Horses Seldom Burp

Ionophores - Poison to Horses   

Iron for Horses - Is it Needed?

Minerals for Horses

Nightshade- Poisoning by Tomatoes and Potatoes

Non-structural Carbohydrates

Omega Fatty Acids 3 and 6

The Rocks in Your Horse's Gut

Poisonous Plants - Oleander
Protein - Is it Digestible?

Putting Weight on Horses

Rye Vs. Ryegrass

Rice Bran


Spring Pastures and Laminitis

Storing Feed


Tall Fescue

Treat Your Horse

Vitamins - Does Your Horse Need a Vitamin Supplement?

Weanlings and Their Proper Feeding and Care

Weigh Your Hay!

When to Feed

Yeast and Horses

A Balanced Seat - Not Just For Dressage Riders!

      Biomechanics of Riding Horses

The Forward Seat


Cathy Hanson - 2007 AQHA's Most Valuable Professional   

Let's Ban All Drugs From Equine Events!

Chose to Be a Winner

Conformation and Specializing in the Show Ring

Stimulus Control

Wool Saddle Pads - The High Tech Material
Compare Saddle Pads

Free E-Book! Starting the Young Horse Under Saddle  Get it Now!

A Sow's Ear is a Sow's Ear

Bonding With Your Horse - Is It Possible?

Communicating to Your Horse with Your Weight

Controlling Energy Through Nutrition

Cues - Apply and Release

Expert Horse Training Advice on the Internet

Focus to Win With Horses

Half Halt - on Steroids

Horse Gaits - Know the Footfall Sequence

Horse Trainer Details

Intimidation Horse Training

     Positive Reinforcement Horse Training?


Slow, Soft Gaits

Sour Horses

Speed Kills Horses!

     Stress - A Requirement for Horse Training

The Horse Isn't The Problem!

     Turning the Hackamore Horse

Train Horses the "Natural" Way - Become the Alpha Horse

Training with "Magic"

     Training With Exhaustion

Wait! The Key to Successful Horse Training

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