The Seventh Secret of Perfect Horsemanship
Don Blazer
          When you are able to accept everything being exactly as it should be, you are nearing perfect horsemanship and you are ready for the Seventh Secret.

         Over the years I've met many who with excitement and passion claimed they wanted to be great riders or great trainers.   I've met and talked with hundreds who professed such love for horses that they promised the very best in care and training.

         Unfortunately most never became great riders or trainers, and most never provided the care and training they promised.It's not that they didn't want to live their dream; it's just that so many other things got in the way, so many things had to be done, so many responsibilities took up their time.

          They had desires and they intended to meet their goals, but they lost their focus to other things.

          Turning desires and intentions into reality takes commitment!

          Commitment requires action!

          Action requires effort and change and challenge.

          The Seventh Secret: create your future through your intentions and desires.

          Do you know what you want your future to be?

          Do you actually have a desire to be something, to do something?

          Can you say your desire out loud?  Can you say, "I want to…." and see it clearly in your mind?

          It is important to see your desires as vividly as possible.  Your mind doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination, so your mind releases your creative potential (the first secret) and turns imagination into reality.

          Commit yourself to your intentions.  Write down precisely what it is you intend to accomplish; know exactly how you will feel once you have achieved your goal.

          Ellie was a horse-crazy little girl who also loved to write; in fact, she dreamed of being a writer.  She wrote many stories (especially horse stories), and while her grandmother encouraged her, there was scant support for her dream. 

           Most of the time we are told to stop dreaming, and start being real.  Get a job, meet your responsibilities, be mature and work to attain a degree of security for your future….those are demands others make of us, and most often we acquiesce.  Ellie took the path she was pushed down, but she didn't give up her dream; it was simply set aside while she worked 8 to 5 at the local feed store.

           Loving horses, and selling horse feed day after day wasn't going to make Ellie's dream a reality, but she asked the most important question again and again and again.  She asked, "Why?"  When you ask "why" you begin the search for knowledge, and when you begin the search you are committed to satisfying a desire.

           When you are committed to a desire, you are taking action, and action leads to a willingness to put forth the effort to create change and meet the challenge.

          Ellie asked "why" and made the effort to find the answers…not just any answers, but the correct answers.  She committed herself to becoming an equine nutrition expert.  Her intention became her reality.

          From the moment she saw her desires clearly she was moving toward personal perfect horsemanship.  Along the way, everything was exactly as it should be, blocking her path, helping her gain insight, making her stumble, picking her up at exactly the right time in the right place with the right answers.

          To embrace the Seventh Secret you must live your future every minute of every day.  Draw your future to you.  Life your life knowing that all you desire no longer awaits you, but is yours in this moment.

          Will the Secrets turn your intentions and desires into your reality?

          Today Ellie is a writer.  She writes about equine nutrition and she is read by thousands and thousands of horse lovers worldwide.

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Don Blazer is the author of Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship, a book he wrote for his granddaughter who won an AQHA World Championship in Youth Trail (2008.

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