Horses are beauty and grace and personality and friends!

         The more you know about them, the more fascinating and wonderful they become…the more you know about their nutrition, behavior, training, and health care, the more enriched your life becomes.

LearningAboutHorses offers you a chance to enjoy college equivalent equine study courses at your convenience.  Take one course, or several, start anytime, and feel a new closeness with your special partner.  Each time you complete a course you'll be awarded a "Certificate of Achievement" to indicate you've taken your commitment farther. Click here to see certificate sample.

        All courses are completely online.  Work at your own pace, get one-on-one assistance from instructors; there are no completion deadlines…you'll never get "locked out."  Enroll today…a deeper understanding is just a click away.

You earn a "certificate of achievement"
for every course you complete
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